Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning

We undertake complete projects on EPC route including engineering, procurement and construction activities. Our main focus on EPC project is for Surface Facilities, Early Production Facilities, Gathering Stations, Off Site Utilities in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries, well pads development, pipeline work etc.

Padua Petroleum through our Joint Venture Company (Oswal-Padua Infrastructure Nigeria Limited) also undertakes Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Modular Process Skid Packages and Process Equipment catering to various process industry sectors including Oil and Gas (Up-stream, Mid-Stream, Down-Stream), Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Fertilizer and other process industry sectors.

Process skid packages include Chemical Injection and Dosing Skids, Manifold Skids, Gas Pressure Reducing, Metering, and Filtration Skids, Fuel Gas Treatment and Conditioning Skids, Valve Stations, Other Customized Process Skids, etc. Nitrogen Generation Packages, Instrument Air Package, Quick Production Set-ups, Gas Compressor Package, etc.